Month: October 2016

What’s the best automated male sex toys?


This is an area where research for devices for men lags considerably behind devices for women.I haven’t yet found an automated adult sex toys that I think is particularly great. I supported the Autoblow 2 Kickstarter crowdfunding and got one of the first units off the assembly line, and it’s…okay, I guess, but not really fantastic.

If you’re doing anything that involves another person, I suggest a vibrating cock ring as not only do they help men last longer, but both parties feel the vibrations, making the adult toys better.


Another highly recommended one is a fleshlight, but they can be hard to clean out after a few times, so I don’t usually recommend them. If you want something along the lines of a male sex toys, a romanticlegend is better as it’s easy to clean, gives a different experience, and doesn’t differentiate much from regular masturbating habits.


The market is flooded with sex toys for men. Genie in a bottle masturbator, tenga flip hole, zolo cup etc are some of the toys available. However, the best male sex toys would be tenga egg, which gives the most mind-blowing sensual experience to the user.