Month: March 2017

Discreet Satisfaction With Vibrating Eggs

Female sex toys have a variety of shapes and sizes, but I prefer smaller egg vibrators. Oval perfectly fits my vagina, I like the simply way when it works. The operation of this vibrators are very convenient for me. I only need to open a switch, you can let the sex toys do all my work.

When I use it to masturbate it has a remote control and it’s really very handy little but powerful, every time you use it is always quick to reach my sex orgasm. I like to use vibrators to warm my body before playing with my boyfriend. He loves give his masturbation by me, he always brings out all the adult sex toys to make our sex time more fun.

Compared to the other vibrators we use, the small size of the vibrator eggs makes it easier for me to be really hot and angular. Because the small size so I can travel with it. I can put this Small Vibrators in my cosmetic bag inside, no one will know they are adult toys. And it is quiet, it does not produce much noise, so I can use the women sex toysanywhere almost.

I think it’s a great vibrator for women, especially if you like something completely inside you, rather than holding vibrators by hand.

A Woman Make Love With A Dog When Her Husband work outside-Why She Didn’t just buy sex toys?

A few years ago there is such a report: a woman was so lonely and didn’t have bedroom-sports for a long time because her husband have to work outside. and she didn’t want to cheat on her husband, desperation so strong she had no choice and she make love with their own pets to resolve loneliness.

According to statistics, in 2009 China has 130 million migrant workers. According to this estimate, if there are 50 million married men, the husband and wife seriously affected women at least 20 million. This unbalanced society, how many women in the same way to lift the pain?

Because of the misunderstanding of sex toys, the Chinese sex toys market not sale good 10 years ago. But with the people’s thought changed,  vibratorsBullets & Eggs Vibrating Panties, a

are very helpful for lonely women and couples.  Is a very good solution, both to release sexual desire and not betray her husband.

Women take sex toys in the car masturbation door to see, very lustful shocked.

Recently, an indecent video in a foreign heat pass, a woman parked on the road, then even open the door in the car masturbation, the hands also play with sex toys, the whole is very enjoyable, the past are stunned on the road.

A British woman in the highway rest stop, but she is not just rest, but in the car holding adult toys a masturbation, more exaggerated is to open the door casually to see, the whole people were photographed by the people.


From the video you can see the woman sitting in the car, open the door on the vibrators, the front door also stood a man, suspected to help her cover. The process has a man through, but the woman did not stop the action, it seems completely afraid to be seen by others. Finally, after the woman finished, got up and sat, the wind man also left.

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A Party Member In South Tyrol Has Been Given A 2 Year Jail For Buying Sex Toys Using Party’s Money.

A councillor from the rightwing secessionist party Die Freiheitlichen named Pius Leitner, was charged guilty of embezzlement over the purchase of 3 sex toys.


Finance police found the evidance for €64 used to buy the adult toys during a probe in January 2014. The investigation into all 15 political parties on the Bolzano provincial council got underway following an allegation from a council member of misuse of funds.


At the same time, he party secretary , who was released on Friday in the same case, had clarified that the masturbators had been bought as a joke gift for a colleague’s birthday.


Mair confirmed that an assistant had bought the adult products, including vibrator rings and two breast shaped stress balls.However, she said she had no idea how the receipt for the male sex toys ended up among her expense claims.


She insisted that the gifts had been bought using Pius Leitner’s own money, and that she had received insulting emails and threatening following the stuff.

Are Sex Couples Can Increase More Fun Durnning Bedroom-sports? Sex Toys Do Have Significant Effect?

May be some older or slightly longer marriage time marriage, will face a problem,the passion between husband and wife decline, sexual life becomes boring. This time can be adjusted by adult toys, if old couples can not bring excitement but also to extend the period of preservation.

This can generally be through the use of female sex toys, rabbit vibrators, Pyrex sex toys and  good vibrators, to get love pleasure. She may be shy when she use sex toys at the first time, but she can also find freshness.

Where to buy dildos are the best? This take into account the privacy of individuals and other issues, personally think that the proposed line better, after all, choose a lot type of vibrators. This should also pay more attention to hygiene when in use, preservation of the environment. After use you need to dry your vibes, and placed in the normal temperature environment.


Sex Toys Are Not Only Suit For Women Or Singles-Use Adult Toys With Your Loves To Get A Fantastic Trip!

The use of sex toys is the right of everyone, although in the classification, vibrators will be divided into male and female, but that is limited to functional classification, and no restrictions on what people can play, good vibrators are suitable for everyone.Vibes are not just for single women only after the emergence of ancient countries have adult toys, the sex toys was made for couples to have fun together.

The men use vibrator rings or other sex toys for men. And women use jelly sex toys and glass toys, G-point vibration or bullets & eggs,even wearing vibrating panties and you lover can control it,or the other kinds of vibrator for’s very interesting!

After the rise of modern feminist movement, adult sex toys became certain extent as a symbol of woman’s independence.In fact, adult toys can be shared with your boy friends.It says that sharing your happiness is much better than enjoying your happiness by your own. Therefore, sex toys are not only be designed specifically for single people, but also suit with lovers.