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A Couple Classic Bachelor Party Ideas

The bachelor party is a bit of a rite of passage for grooms-to-be and here are a few classic ideas for bachelor parties in North America.


First of all, here are a few tips for a successful classic Vegas bachelor party (if it isn’t memorable, of course).

  • Take limos:  Walking is fun…for awhile. There is a lot to take in and you get to be spontaneous, but if you have some place to be—particularly if you are on a schedule (as many bachelor parties often are)—reserve a car. You can take a cab any other day of the year; this is a special occasion so reserve a limo (or other car) to get where you need to get quickly and safely.
  • No Cameras:  What happens in Vegas only stays in Vegas if there is no evidence. While a good rule of thumb is to only engage in safe and healthy activities (for the most part) the reality of the night you think you remember might not be quite so easy to stomach when you see the posts on Facebook.  Of course, the bride to be might also not want to know just how close her groom came to the Secrets party strippers at the club (or in the hotel room if it’s a private dance); or how many times he vomited (if that’s your kind of thing).
  • Stick to A Budget:  It is very easy to lose track of time and your money: that’s kind of the way the city is designed.  So to ensure that you not only have a safe and fun time but can also get home safely, set and stick to a budget.


Instead of the cliché trip to Sin City, consider instead a road trip with the guys to visit some of the best steak houses in the country (or, you know, whatever the groom-to-be is into).  Obviously, you could always make a stop at any of the World Class restaurants in Vegas and get a little more bang for the proverbial buck, but New York has some excellent options too, of course.  Just about any restaurant in the Southwest will offer some memorable steak options, as well as regional cuisine. And for an international palate consider a culinary tour of LA, Boston, or Seattle.  Or head north of the border for yet more remarkable cuisine in Montreal, Canada.