A Party Member In South Tyrol Has Been Given A 2 Year Jail For Buying Sex Toys Using Party’s Money.

A councillor from the rightwing secessionist party Die Freiheitlichen named Pius Leitner, was charged guilty of embezzlement over the purchase of 3 sex toys.


Finance police found the evidance for €64 used to buy the adult toys during a probe in January 2014. The investigation into all 15 political parties on the Bolzano provincial council got underway following an allegation from a council member of misuse of funds.


At the same time, he party secretary , who was released on Friday in the same case, had clarified that the masturbators had been bought as a joke gift for a colleague’s birthday.


Mair confirmed that an assistant had bought the adult products, including vibrator rings and two breast shaped stress balls.However, she said she had no idea how the receipt for the male sex toys ended up among her expense claims.


She insisted that the gifts had been bought using Pius Leitner’s own money, and that she had received insulting emails and threatening following the stuff.