A Woman Make Love With A Dog When Her Husband work outside-Why She Didn’t just buy sex toys?

A few years ago there is such a report: a woman was so lonely and didn’t have bedroom-sports for a long time because her husband have to work outside. and she didn’t want to cheat on her husband, desperation so strong she had no choice and she make love with their own pets to resolve loneliness.

According to statistics, in 2009 China has 130 million migrant workers. According to this estimate, if there are 50 million married men, the husband and wife seriously affected women at least 20 million. This unbalanced society, how many women in the same way to lift the pain?

Because of the misunderstanding of sex toys, the Chinese sex toys market not sale good 10 years ago. But with the people’s thought changed,  vibratorsBullets & Eggs Vibrating Panties, a

are very helpful for lonely women and couples.  Is a very good solution, both to release sexual desire and not betray her husband.