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Answering the Top 3 Beginner Questions about Sex

There’s a contrast between knowing how to have sex and thinking that you know. We can’t deny that there is a great deal of know-how associated with love-making, which implies that you ought to be all around educated on a wide range of issues such as sexual health, sexual illnesses, oral sex, masturbation, how to have safe sex and much more complicated things like HIV dating online, BDSM risks and so on.

Along these lines, we’ve chosen to have a quick look at the most basic questions most people ask themselves on a daily basis and try to give the most useful answers we could think of.

How to Do it for the First Time?

Let’s be honest – losing your virginity is a really major ordeal. We enthusiastically anticipate it as young people while the greater part of us affectionately recall it as grown-ups. Be that as it may, nobody really gives you clear guidelines on how to have intercourse for the first time and how to remain safe about it

The primary thing you must keep in mind about engaging in sexual relations for the very first time is to get relaxed as much as you can beforehand. It’s justifiable to be anxious amid your “first time,” yet if you need it to go as smoothly and as safely as they come, you have to unwind.

Not everything is about being casual, because you should be careful, as well. Ensure you’re utilizing the right kind of protection (a condom would be best in this circumstance) and that both you and your partner are okay during the whole act.

How Safe is Oral Sex?

Oral sex, a.k.a. fellatio, giving head, and cunnilingus is a type of sexual activity in which one partner satisfies the other’s genitalia with the utilization of his/her mouth and tongue. It’s normal practice. Nonetheless, there’s always the question “Is oral sex safe?”

In spite of the fact that there’s a lower risk of transmitting sexual sicknesses through oral sex than via actual copulation, the hazard is still there. There’s no risk from STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) if neither one of the partners is conveying any.

Then again, tongue and lip piercings can possibly harm the genitalia, yet can likewise expand the sexual delight. Regardless, continue with caution if piercings are included.

Is Masturbation Dangerous?

The act of stimulating your own genitalia in the objective of feeling sexual joy is called masturbation. The vast majority are inhibited to do it as youngsters. However, that doesn’t imply that it’s terrible for us.

When done appropriately, masturbation can bring you only benefits. Numerous examinations have demonstrated that sexually satisfying yourself can decidedly influence your temperament, concentration, muscle reflexes, rest, appetite and other various factors.

Still, some relatively bad things can happen on the off chance that you masturbate carelessly and in overabundance. For one, inserting objects into your genitalia amid masturbation can make those same items end up stuck, which can prompt actual wounds. Furthermore, too much masturbation is known to provoke significant blood pressure drops and loss of awareness at times.