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Can you be in love with two people at the same time?

In traditional life, there is a saying that “what a pity that we didn’t meet before I was married”. It happens when you least expect it. You’re with someone you love with every fiber of your being, and you go about your life normally. Then someone new comes into your life. It could be a new person at work, or some random situation, but you feel something you shouldn’t/shouldn’t feel — because you’re already in love with him.

It started with a simple conversation. Maybe at that time you just talked as a friend and the other person didn’t ask you if you were single. After a period of slow development, when this person speaks to you, something in your heart will become crazy. You interact with this person on a consistent basis, but slowly, you find confusion.

You are not bisexual, or you are a bi curious. You may or may not cross this line in disloyalty. Or, according to your thoughts, you have already crossed it. When you sit down and be honest with yourself, you admit that you fell in love with two people. It should not happen. You can’t even understand how it is done, but the facts are facts. You love two people and don’t know what to do. Even you sometimes have ridiculous ideas that are FFM threesome dating.

Once, I lived with my boyfriend very happily, but there was a woman in my work, I fell in love with her, she was a bisexual person – maybe the only time in my life I fell in love with a man and one Woman’s time. After establishing a healthy relationship, my first love has returned to my life. I hope to have a feeling. So, let me tell you how it will help me in this situation.

  • What falling in love with two people means?

It is not common to fall in love with two people at the same time. However, it did happen, and it is possible. Love begins a feeling – a strong feeling. You may feel that way to someone, and then unexpectedly feel the feeling of others. There are many beautiful and charming people in the world. So please don’t worry about that you are still single. In fact, for bisexuals, falling in love with two people is normal. If you are bisexual, the bicupid review will give you a best choice to look for your match.

The feeling itself is not bad or dangerous – but the action you take can be. Maybe you feel, you just have to overcome. Maybe you need to eliminate your own contact with that person. I cannot speak your specific situation. I only know that love begins with a feeling, but to some extent it becomes a decision.

When you decide to choose someone you think you should get along with, or choose not to follow these feelings, you are choosing love. When you choose to cut off the relationship and do not want to betray the person you promise, you choose love. In a word, you will be very hesitant about how to choose.

  • How to choose?

With desire, there are choices. This can be tricky because it requires you to overcome any desire. The reason you might love two people is because you lost something in your current relationship. Choice means that you become honest about what you want in life and how your partner adapts to these plans. This second person may be more suitable for your position in life – it all depends on what you really want. Take some time to honestly tell who is satisfying you and find your partner. Make decisions with a clear mind and an honest heart. Do you want to marry love, or do you have sexual pleasure? When you find the focus, you have the answer.

But if both your partner and you can accept threesome dating, it’s not a problem. Most bisexuals are open-minded, so if you are bisexual or bi curious, may be you can understand bisexual threesome.

That’s for sure you’ve entered the bisexual chat site, can you determine if you’re bisexual or not? As a special group of society, Bisexual is a part of “LGBT”. Bisexuals always have to face more and more difficult problems which cannot be sensed by the others. For example, when a gay coming out, he might think that he is a gay, but don’t know whether he is a bisexual. If he falls in love with a woman, is he gay or bisexual? This is a common problem that a bisexual person will encounter, a problem that always confuses them. For bisexuals, finding the right way to solve puzzles and finding mistakes can be found. As the saying goes, if you refuse to face an error, the truth will be shut out. There are some tips to solve the question.