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The 4 Worst Date Ideas Ever

Whether you’ve met someone through a friend or somewhere unconventional like a herpes dating site, it’s natural to assume that you’ll be going on at least one date with them if things kick off between the two of you. And while you may think that you know a couple of good places for a date, it’s actually very common for people to mistake an awful date idea for a good one.

Truth be told, a lot of us get ideas for date locations from movies and pop culture, but in fact, many of them are just plain wrong. In that name, here are the top 4 worst date ideas ever.

  1. Watching an X-Rated Movie in the Cinema

The movies have always been a go-to place when it comes to dates, especially first ones. However, not all flicks are worth watching in the cinema with your date, no matter how cheap the tickets may be.

Specifically, we’re talking about X-rated movies here. They’re too sexual and sometimes even violent, which are not good emotions to evoke when you take someone out on a first date (unless they’re a psychopath, in which case you’re screwed anyway). Romantic comedies and superhero flicks are the way to go instead of something that’s only more awkward to watch with their parents.

  1. The Club

People generally associate dating with clubs, as they are one of the best places to meet and pick up someone new – but that’s pretty much it. A club is a place where you get a new date, not somewhere you take out a guy or a girl to.

If you really want to go dancing with your date, try a salsa place – it’s much quieter and therefore better for a conversation and salsa is by default much sexier than grinding against your date and 10 more random ecstasy-consuming people while the bass thumps so hard against your eardrums you’re unable to hear properly for the next two days.

  1. BBQ Place

Taking someone out for dinner is one of the few standard date ides you can go for – in case you stay clear of any barbecue joints, that is.

Ribs might be delicious, and BBQ places may smell awesome, but those characteristics are just not fit for a date. Restaurants (if you can even call them that) like these are messy and pretty loud, and we’ve already established that you don’t want loud when you’re on those first couple of dates with someone.

For starters, stick to fork-and-knife kinds of places, preferably at locations where there’s little to no chance of someone getting BBQ sauce on their clothes during lunch or dinner.

  1. Strip Club

Alright, we’ll admit that probably 99% of you out there don’t even consider taking someone on a date to a strip club. Still, just in case you’re wondering why this is a wrong place for an outing with someone you’ve only recently started dating, here’s a good reason – nobody wants to see their date drooling over someone else.

If you want to make things sexy, think “cabaret show,” not “strip club.”