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The pros and cons of having multiple partners

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Most of us are happy with just the one partner… well at least we say we are but in reality a lot of us fantasise about having more than one person to be with. It is part of our nature, we can’t help it. The grass is always greener on the other side. Basically this means that we often desire what we don’t have. Sure we have that perfect girlfriend or boyfriend; but other people look good too. But as much as it is a fantasy, the reality of having multiple partners can become a little hectic. Can we really handle too much goodness?

Pro – diversity

Having multiple partners means diversity. You can decide to spend time with one person one day, and sleep with the other the next day. Some people like blonds, other like brunettes; but why not have it all? Okay that might be a little bit much but you get the idea. Diversity means different characters, different bodies and different fun. Some people are great at doing certain things in bed whilst others will have different tricks in their pockets. Having that choice can be a great thing, and it will certainly give you some fond memories for the years to come.

Con – a lot of people to please

This might not sound like a bad thing at all, but think about it this way: you know that it is hard just to please the one person. It takes time and effort; so imagine having to please multiple people? You have a lot of hard work on your hands, and you might actually end up running around like haywire. You don’t want to neglect anyone neither, so the thing to ask yourself is the following: can you really handle it? You love life might well start taking too much of your time; and you might end up overwhelmed with too much to do and too many people to please.

Pro – plenty of fun

Some people feel stuck in a relationship, but having multiple partners means you don’t have to commit too much. It is assumed at this point that your partners are as free-spirited as you are; and that there is no exclusivity involved. You don’t owe anyone anything as long as you treat them well when you see them. Spend one mad week in bed with one person after you meet them on a naughty dating site like localbangs/sex-tonight, travel the next week with the other; there is a lot of fun to be had here. For some people, life doesn’t get any better.

Con – jealousy

The thing about being free-spirited is that it is not always as straight as it sounds. We all develop feelings even with the people we just have sex with; it is a fact of life. You could easily fall in love with one or more of your partners; and they might feel the same about you. This could lead to a lot of jealousy happening; with a lot of arguments soon to follow. Ultimately, you might be in for some fun but you could end up having your heart broken.

There are more aspects of having multiple partners that have positive and negative ones, which brings us to our conclusion. Most things in life act like a double sided mirror; where there is fun there is also sadness. The best thing to do perhaps is not to have too many partners at one time; which can work out better not only for you but also for your partners. Just use a bit of moderation, don’t do excess too much and you should be able to handle all those partners without seing the negative side of it.